Pandemic Radio: Front 242 – Geography 1982

There was only a slight drop in temperature yesterday, but there seemed to be a shift in the wind, whispering that summer is over again. The gray sky hinted at autumn. People have been returning to work and there’s a marked difference in the midtown traffic at 5pm every evening. There are, dare I say, crowds. Seasons are changing. The energy? Well, it’s not exactly a buzz. It’s more a grim resignation.

My own… well, this is usually my favorite time of year but there’s something missing still. There’s still enough fo that electric current that comes with my favorite season that my musical choices are turning back to the cold industrial wave. That’s just how it goes with me. But FRONT 242 feels out of place in the heat of summer anyway. For a chilly, late-summer morning before sunrise though? Perfect. This is their first album. I’m not going to lie and say I could connect with these sounds back in 1986 when it came out. They didn’t fit in with my carefully curated pose. It took a few decades of learning to be honest with myself and my feelings. But now…

I’m looking about my space this morning and thinking about another purge. There are all these lovely things that I’ve purchased over the years to comfort myself but they bring little comfort now. My fear is that I may yet enjoy them and appreciate them under a different circumstance so I should hold onto all of it, but… that seems dishonest too.

So how should I go about cleaning house? I’ve thought about joining the autumn sidewalk sale fray but that’s funny too because that requires a degree of sociability than has always been in short supply with me. It’s not the thought of the labor and toil involved in dragging it all downstairs and out to the front, though for certain there is considerable work involved.

Do libraries still take donations of records and CD’s and books?

I don’t know. I can’t carry all this around with me forever. The clutter is disturbing to me now. It’s just so strange that it used to comfort me but now it gives me anxiety. And why does it seem so urgent right now after all this time to get rid of all of it? What’s going on? What’s happening here?

Or is it all just seasonal. Most people do spring cleaning but for me it’s autumn that’s the time of rebirth and renewal. It’s always been this way. I don’t know. It’s time to examine all this, perhaps.

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