Pandemic Radio: Front 242 – Official Version (1987)

Kind of funny, actually. The closer you get to the end of the 80s, at least in retrospect, the more 80s that Front 242 sounds. The synth keys are more melodic. There’s the gated reverb on the drums. Someone at their record company was paying careful attention to what was playing on MTV and selling in America. There’s no denying it even. It took three albums for Front 242 to sound like the decade they began in. There are even audio clips of Ronald Reagan, whose presidency was winding down at this point anyway. But you can’t blame the record company for trying. Not everybody saw grunge coming. Nobody saw the end of MTV playing music coming either for that matter, but that’s another story.

That’s not to say that Official Version isn’t a great album. It’s just that it dates itself. In that sense it didn’t age as well as its earlier siblings. These are bangers for sure but it’s like watching someone walking out with hammer pants and shoulder pads. Hello 1987. I wonder if they realize now.

Official Version is still the right vibe. Tomorrow is the first day of fall. The days are noticeably shorter. It’s chilly this morning. The ghosts of 2021 past, present and yet to come are starting to appear. The leaves will start to change soon. It’s my time.

Provided I live through Reno anyway. We’ll see how that goes. I wish I had the same confidence in my co-workers that I did in 2019, but it’s mostly a different crew. These people will leave my ass swinging in the breeze. This is a vote of no confidence. This is a vote of zero faith. Are they bad people? Let’s not go that far. That’s just say they don’t get it, and there are simply aren’t enough of them anyway. We had a small army out there for 2019.

And running live events of any size in 2021 is simply a dodgy proposition. End of story. Well no, the end of story is that my confidence in my own health is lacking. I’m not well and there’s no getting around that. I shouldn’t be going anywhere.

Dark, chilly thoughts for a dark, chilly morning, eh? Whatever, it’s still my time. I’m looking forward to the fall. Let everyone else have their spring and summer. My rebirth comes in the fall and early winter. Maybe I’m actually a Goth and don’t know it?

There’s a thought.

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