Pandemic Radio: Superordinate Dub Waves – Deep & Atmospheric Dub Techno Mix By Lo

So Autumn comes in, as it will, on the back of strong winds and rain.


Weather that keeps you inside when you’re not ready to move inside. The sun shows up later in the morning and leaves earlier. I am ready for this. I was born for this. It’s rare that you’ll find me by mid-winter complaining and wishing and longing for the sun. This is where I come to life. And there’s a soundtrack. You wouldn’t carry on like the kids and say these tracks are fire. They burn but they burn the way ice burns. The chill goes to the bone.

Of course I’m caught up trying to decide if the word “superordinate” has been used correctly here. That’s just how it goes with me, but let’s put that aside. It’s just a name. They probably just liked the word. Nothing wrong with that. You can’t trust people that don’t like words, even if they use them incorrectly. It shows they’re at least taking a stab at it.

Ah, but shit, it’s all about the weather this morning. It’s setting the mood for the day and of course it’s cloudy and that’s okay too. I’m supposed to take a short trip tomorrow, back to where I grew up. There are always feelings with that. Feelings are okay too. They’re like the weather. They happen despite all your attempts to wish them away. It doesn’t even make sense to try. That’s like pissing up a rope. Tell me if that works out for you. It’s never worked out for me. I used to try to drown them, or numb them, or just hide from them. They always found me.

Now I just let them come. Whatever. They settle in and say whatever it is they say. They tease. They joke. Sometimes they just plain threaten. Sometimes I even listen. Mostly… no. Not anymore. They’ve threatened all kinds of shit and I’m still here.

And it looks like I’m going home again.

See you there.

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