Pandemic Radio: In Memoriam – A DLoaw & Co Label Tribute – Part II

Might as well go in for Part II, right? Round 2? Second round?


Tracklist Jenova 7 – Rats Theme 00:00 Boztown – Play the Guitar 03:30 EclipticSelftet – Winds of Urania 06:54 Boztown – Coffee Cup 09:49 Parker’s Music – See You 13:29 Boztown – Need to be Loved 17:35 JIM – Goodbye 21:18 Boogie Belgique – Eclipse 23:32 Arms & Sleepers – Tiger Tempo 26:40 Nym – Always 30:11 Hugo Kant – This Old Tune (Blossom Remix) 33:13 Roger Molls ft Slik Jack – Runaway Slave 37:37 Roger Molls Louder Life 40:34 Mindpleasure & Friends – Ou es-tu mon amour 43:41 Boztown – Malaga 48:25 Arms & Sleepers – Pan Am 52:11 Raycord – Move Fast 55:19 Boogie Belgique – Kiomi 57:43 Dodjoma – Aerouent 1:02:08 Boztown – Side B 1:07:15 Moderator – Almost There 1:08:57 Blossom – Road of Wind 1:12:19 Beatween – Feel 1:17:04 Blossom – Blue Balloons 1:20:04 Nym – Et Moi 1:23:13 Dead Horse Beats – Chain Gang 1:26:41 Boztown – The One 1:29:06 Chairman Maf – Yesterday 1:33:48 Crookham – The Good, The Bad & The Gypsy 1:37:17 Arms & Sleepers – Can You 1:40:56 Poldoore – Solstice 1:43:53 Hashfinger – A1.Decemeber.11 1:48:13 Raycord – Destination 1:51:28 il-lo – Ara 1:53:38 Boogie Belgique – Pax 1:57:03 il-lo – Var (Re-work Bonus) 1:59:56 Parker’s Music – The Follow 2:04:29 Boogie Belgique – Chicago 2:07:56 Blossom – Tiffkas 2:12:19 Dirty Art Club – Three Pawns 2:17:02 Blossom – Lost Grounds 2:19:32 Mononome – Dancing Scissors 2:23:44 Tor – Ancients 2:26:10

Best thing about these mixes is the length. You can settle into a groove and keep going for a bit with no break in the vibe or energy. That can mean a lot. It gives you someting reliable for a few hours and that’s especially valuable if you’re feeling some kinda way about things, generally speaking. That’s not exactly where I’m at this morning, insofar as I’m ever feeling some kinda way at 6 in the morning. I mean, how am I supposed to feel before the caffeine kicks in? A longer mix can keep it all steady though. Something to feel okay about, like, okay this is working for me and it will give me time to sort out the rest of this shit.

I’m still not exactly grooving on the idea of this trip to Reno next week, but it’s slowly creeping into acceptance, or at least resignation. It will happen and then it will be over. There may even be a few laughs along the way. There are always a few laughs if you keep the lid screwed onto your own shit tightly. Other people can spill their shit all over but you keep yours canned and it can be okay.

Got it?

Just a little life advice from your Uncle MacGregor. Not that you asked for it, but now you got it. It can be okay if you let it be okay. It helps to have a consistent soundtrack. It will tie the entire narrative together behind one central theme. It helps with the flow. It’s how I’ve been getting by anyway.

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