Radio Dystopia: Lords Of Acid – Lust (1991)

Might as well get it started right up this morning. LORDS OF ACID works. Not quite 6am but there’s very rarely a good reason to start slow. Who knows what the day will bring? Starting it off in the right mood though will set the rhythm. We got this. We got this.

Still shaking my head today. The highlight of yesterday was a two hour meeting during which we discussed issues/problems that popped up in last week’s live event. Things we need to do differently. Things actually I started bringing up months ago but nobody listened. And not to dive deep into the hate to say I told you so shit, but the team learned the hard way that it’s easier to ignore issues when the client audience isn’t right up in your face bitching. Nobody is going to concede and acknowledge that they could have listened to me in July but who cares anymore? They’ll take care of things now. I’m not expecting an apology or even an acknowledgement. I’m shaking my head and moving on.


That’s the issue. Nobody is really listening. We all have one problem and that’s lack of communication. Nobody knows how to listen anymore. So… well… just look around you. You learn the hard way.


Could be a petty work thing. Good be complete collapse of order. Put it to a beat and dance. Oh yah. The beat:

Going to keep this missive short. I don’t want to carry on about work. I don’t want to carry on about how the world is going to shit because people don’t listen either. It’s kind of late for that and it’s boring anyway.


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