Radio Dystopia: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Confessions Of A Knife (1990)


Sure. Why not? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you’ll want to get a good start!

Reflecting quietly this morning on the extent to which I’ve avoided the news in the last few months. Plenty of information comes in over the transom so it’s not exactly isolation and ignorance, but it’s a lot more peaceful. It’s not about not wanting to be informed and aware either, but perhaps a matter of emotional sustainability. It’s about the spiritual toxicity level. It was all just too much so it needed to be dialed back, at least for me. It was killing me, and may still, but at a much slower pace.

What’s the last line of that prayer we say?

“And the wisdom to know the difference…”

The news though has been harping on this “global supply chain shortage” business like it’s something new. What is it? Well, it’s a real shortage of material, services and personnel to sustain a level of activity necessary to keep the world economy growing. Like, a growing a economy is a good thing, right? Sure, it’s helped about 5 percent of the population of the planet get richer and richer. But there were cracks in the system a few years ago, for a variety of different reasons. Economists did talk about how we were going to hit a wall sooner or later, and probably sooner. Then COVID-19 came along and sped up the process. Now the topic has moved out beyond academic circles and all the finger pointers and Facebook geo-political experts are in a frenzy. There’s a lot if pearl clutching going on, but like global warming, its kind of late.

Or maybe it was always too late. Capitalism has a tendency to eat itself. There were always limited resources and space. Nobody wanted to talk about that though, and now we’re nearing the wall.

Oh well…

The wisdom to know the difference…

Anything that occurs now will be easier for those of us who have been poor and/or hungry. We’ve been there. The worst part will be the blame and hand-wringing.

This is what I was saying above though. Crisis-mentality simply isn’t sustainable to I’ve withdrawn some. I know what’s happening but since nobody wants to talk about rising water until their tits are wet, why should I bother running around screaming that we’re all going to die? I feel right at home in chaos, and sure it sucks, but I’m powerless to do anything but…

Well, I can dance.

I can dance.

The wisdom to know the difference.

Anyway, just some random thoughts.

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