Radio Free Dystopia: In Slaughter Natives – Purgate My Stain 1996


experimental dark ambient death wave industrial martial industrial orchestral Sweden

A few unfamiliar tags/signifiers in there. Death Wave? Martial Industrial? Sweden?

Sweden… just kidding.

This is about as dark as dark gets, no matter what you want to attach dark to, whether ambient, wave, etc. It’s dark. We’ll take it. These are dark times, despite the carnival atmosphere that overtakes all of the bullshit sometimes. There was a sort of dangerous vibe out on the streets last night, coming home through North Jersey and the West Village. Everyone is just too on edge and trying too damn hard to pretend like everything is normal and they’ve poured too many combustibles into the mix and over the top. Everything just seems ready to blow at any minute. It felt good to get home on this end and put it all behind me for the evening. No good can come out of this vibe. It just felt like shit was about to pop off at any moment and for no real reason.

And this is what the current sounds like beneath it all. Deliberate, mean, and dark.

And I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel at home in it, but I know better. When shit starts to feel edgy and the hair on the back of my neck goes up, it’s not time to double down. It’s time to go home.

And I did.

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