Radio Free Dystopia: Zoviet France – Mohnomishe (1983)

Yah, I can’t even lie; I just wasn’t here in 1983. Not to be too critical at all but this existed on another plateau, maybe not more advanced but certainly on another level that I couldn’t even dream of from where I was standing. Who is this anyway, this ZOVIET FRANCE? I didn’t even know anyone doing stuff like this. Like I said, not at all a critical judgment but this was just… alien. Also, given the limited amount of information about them, and despite that they had over two dozen releases, there isn’t a lot of information available. I was in the dark regarding Zoviet France but in good company there.

I will readily admit today, on an entirely unrelated (or maybe very related) that I’ve had better sleep and much better mornings. It’s rare that the alarm scares me out of bed. Usually I turn it off before it goes off, but today that wasn’t the case. I’m not sure how long it was sounding. Maybe seconds or maybe an hour. Probably not but maybe. Who knows? Something seems off. Maybe the only thing that’s amiss is that nothing is amiss? Not certain. I just don’t feel physically well, but then again it’s been several months that I haven’t felt tip top in that regard.

Time to change things up. Maybe bouncier, happier music is in order. Or maybe not. I’ve always leaned toward music that fits a vibe that’s already in place. There’s a prevailing mood and I just find the soundtrack. Or I’m fooling myself and it’s all magical thinking. It’s time to make some changes, though.

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