Radio Quarantine: russian small town aesthetic playlist pt.2 (September 2021 YouTube playlist)

Another one, as much for the photo images as the music, but the music is right. Unless the music is right, it’s not appearing. Not here. Not happening. Thinking more about the return to Radio Quarantine and how that’s right too. It’s more than just the mandated lockdown from 2020. It’s everything. It’s the sickness beyond the sickness, beyond Covid-19, that brought us to this. That’s what has been the most toxic and deadly. Covid will kill however many millions. The other disease will kill the rest but we’ll be too busy arguing to see it coming. For many people, finger pointing and blame will be their last contributions to the human race. I’m not going to go out like that.

I quit.

I called in sick yesterday from work yesterday, but couldn’t escape entirely from the work. I ended up signing on several times just to check and realized that nothing was being done from my corner of the company and there were a fair number of people that needed help that couldn’t wait until today. It’s frustrating and disheartening, but… no, I’m not going to bore anyone with talk of work. It’s just sad that there was actually a time when it felt like being part of a team. Not with the current crew, but before… before something. I’d never felt that before with any other job. It was novel and new.

Now? Everyone is just doing their thing, waiting for payday. When everyone is working from their respective homes too, it just stretches out the tedium of disconnection.

And enough of that. It was just worth mentioning that there are outside factors that contribute to mood. Maybe that’s the problem with people, that nobody feels connected to anything real and immediate so they latch onto any number of really shitty ideas. Which bad ideas do I hold onto? That things could ever be anything different?


I am in quarantine still. It’s not a question of protecting them from catching something that I may have. It’s that my emotional immune system is compromised and I need to be locked away from them.


I don’t want to catch what they have. First symptom? Walking down the street like a zombie with my head down and eyes glued to a shiny object in my hand, raven-brained and dumb. Utter lack of curiosity and empathy. Indifference. Apathy. A ravenous hunger for trend foods like avocado.

And so on.

Tracklist: 00:00 – Перемотка — Стреляй 05:05 – Англия — Ад из красных цветов 08:42 – Пожар — Оказалось я кричу один 12:17 – Аут — Дешевая жизнь 16:51 – Второй этаж поражает — Крайности 20:19 – Труд — Друг 23:46 – Ploho — Вечер грустных пар 27:04 – Англия — Место наших встреч 30:39 – культодиночества — Фазы 33:47 – Группа Хмурый — На реке 38:58 – Арсений Креститель — Утопия 44:09 – Паша Blazer и Руслан Гранёный — Глупая девчонка 49:09 – телеэкран — Тысяча дешевых зажигалок 52:01 – Твин Пикс — Небо без фильтра 55:59 – Грань — Панельные окраины 57:21 – Увула — Мы 01:01:54 – Музыка для грузовых лифтов — Жизнь

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