I had that dream again…

You know that dream. It’s the one that you don’t remember ten minutes after you wake up, but you recall vividly how it feels, and it gives you a case of the feels that sticks with you all fucking day until you go to sleep with it again and it starts over.

That dream.

That one.

We’re going to stick with Crypto Order today to soundtrack the feels.


The next few days are going to be long, and for lack of a better word, peoply. That’s the world of events and conventions. It’s a game. Turn off one set of feels and skills and turn on the other. That one you save for special occasions. I’m good at that. People will believe who I say I am at any given point. Few people question it. It takes a special kind of person with a special set of skills and talents to see through it. My ability to hide in plain sight isn’t a talent I’m especially proud of, but it’s necessary.

You may be doing it too, and you may or may not even be aware of it. The line between virtual and reality is often blurred… the line between false and authentic. I’ve heard people say that a person becomes who they pretend to be if they play at it long enough. That could be true but it’s been the opposite for me. The weight of the costume has become more apparent. It’s like the weighted boots that divers and astronauts wear. Sooner or later you’re going to feel it, unless you can find a sustainable, weightless environment. Good luck with that.


It’s time to play dress-up.

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