Radio Quarantine: Nation of Language – A Way Forward (2021)

Brooklyn’s own NATION OF LANGUAGE has a time machine and they went back in time for A Way Forward. The weird thing is that for all the 80s retro vibe it sounds ahead of its time. Can you go backwards and forwards in time simultaneously? This shit sounds so fresh and new. I am feeling every inch of this record. I’m not even the biggest synth-pop fan but this one has me.

They’re definitely pulling me through a rough Friday afternoon. Mid-morning and my stomach and my head went south at the same time. Or one of them brought down the rest, and I’ve been mostly horizontal for a few hours. It was a collapse of sorts.


Time for the doctor that I’ve been putting off since the end of the summer.

It’s time. I can’t go back in time and forward is going to be difficult in this strange condition.

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