Radio Quarantine: Unknown Civilization – Sovietwave Mix | Retrowave Mix

November 10, 2021 Youtube Mix

The told us we’d have jetpacks.

They told us we’d have flying cars.

That’s what the kids who make the memes say, and it will always accompany an image of someone doing something brutish and pointless. Blah blah blah. My generation is nearly at the head of the class though and next for the final exit and I don’t remember anyone saying anything like this to younger generations. We offered them none of our Utopian dreams of future living, and yet… whatever. What did we offer them? More means of escaping from the physical, natural world maybe. Video games. Better pharmaceuticals (and more prescriptions). The internet.

We gave them distraction and medication that would help them accept the distraction. We gave them mechanical limbs in the form of mobile phones and drugs that would keep their bodies from rejecting the implant. It’s been working so far except for these strange hallucinations and delusions that they invented everything.

It’s funny though that when you tell them that they invented nothing they get really fucking bent. And then a generation above me (I’m not quite a boomer), when you tell them they drove the world into ruin they start hemming and hawing and crying about their civil rights movement. It’s easy to see why the kids say, “Okay, Boomer.” Or they used to say that. I have no clue what they say now. I can’t keep up.

My generation was promised flying cars though and that’s the god’s honest truth. They told me that one day I would live in space, and that anyone could grow up to be president. All lies… all lies.

I kind of miss the delusion though. I miss the future.

What does any of this have to do with music?

Everything and nothing.

If you haven’t been following along then you probably won’t start and there’s nothing I can say to change that. I’m on my way out so I’m not going to waste what time I have left fucking about with explanations.

Where my generation, or my interstitial niche generation, fucked up though: We did have a collective, Utopian dream of the future, and we had the resources and imagination to make it happen. What we did instead was build simulations of the future, and we called it gaming, and virtual reality and CGI, and then we put it on the market and sold that to the next in lines as the future. Meanwhile… well, just look at all of us now.


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