Radio Quarantine: Electric Orange – Platte (2003)

There’s been music spinning non-stop for days here at the Space Station but for today it was Aachen, Germany krautrock psychonauts ELECTRIC ORANGE that caught the flow and got the nod. They matched the prevailing vibe or whatnot, and so…

We’re headed into a long Thanksgiving weekend here with plenty to be thankful for but no real plans to do anything much but sit in gratitude. If you don’t think just being here on this planet still after the last nearly two years isn’t a big deal then a single day of observance of thankfulness isn’t going to help you. I’m down with the mood. I’m thankful. I’m not dead yet. I came too close for comfort but hey.. still standing. For all the weirdness and unpleasantness, I mean… all that bullshit aside, I’m doing okay.

I’m doing okay. Things could be better, and some of that is on me, but a lot of is just beyond my control. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly through the mouth. Repeat.



Thank you.

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