Radio Quarantine: Dark ritual Ambient Mix 06 (May 2021 Youtube Mix)

Odd morning, or rather odd mix of feelings this morning. Everything and every sound that turned up was grating on me and it’s not that this doesn’t. This is bearable though and that’s why it makes the cut. It’s an odd morning. Were there not promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep (Thank you, Mr. Frost.) it would be back to bed to sort it out. But here we are on Thanksgiving morning and it’s up and at ’em as they say. It’s… something. It will sort out. Just have to get up and moving. We’ll shake this off. This is an interesting mix too and that helps. Dark ambient? Dark ritual ambient? What does that mean? Are we resurrecting the dead? Well, we’re always resurrecting the dead in some sense. Take that how you will but listen carefully to people talking. We’re always invoking the name and memory of someone or another to give the current moment more gravity. Fuck it. Just listen to the music.

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