Radio Quarantine: russian underground doomer music pt. 1

Okay, Doomer… So of course Wojak would have a female counterpart, Wojak of course being the original face of the Doomer, or the feels guy. It works though, as long as this YouTube account, by RussianDoomerGirl, is putting up these fire mixes.

I’m killing time here today, waiting to head back across the river to spend the night. I’ve been reflecting on the last few months. It’s been a busy time socially but that’s been the case for a lot of people. The pandemic grew tiresome and with a lot of people vaccinated and things opening up, New York has been fairly much back to normal. Is the danger still there? Of course, but i noticed even I avoided any of the headlines today about the new Omicron Variant which is notable in that even vaccinated people are more vulnerable to infection. Will it strike vaccinated people as hard? Who the fuck knows. I couldn’t bring myself to read the stories. I will eventually but couldn’t do it today, and I’m fairly well resigned to the fact that we’re all pretty much fucked anyway, with or without the virus. The real danger, I still believe, its that we just fucking loathe each other. That will be our downfall, even if it’s still uncertain just how the self-loathing will manifest and when.

I just can’t do it. I can’t bring myself to worry, and that’s not because there is no danger. It’s just a case of being weary of caring. Crazy, right?

Anyway… This Baby Doomer is ready to roll out for Saturday night.


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