Radio Quarantine: Psychopomps – Assassins DK United 1992

PSYCHOPOMPS… I backspaced over a dumbass remark about something being rotten in Denmark. That’s where Psychopomps is from. Then I thought better of it. It’s too early for bad jokes. It’s late November. It’s cold as hell outside. The sky is gray with smears of rust left by a reluctant sun. This is just right for now. No humor and levity needed.

It’s still pretty quiet outside. It’s early of course but since Thanksgiving morning with people rushing about to get here and there, the whole city has been as quiet as a city of millions can be. Everyone is stuffing on leftovers and shopping online. I haven’t turned on the television but I’ve heard no reports of people trampling each other in stores for a new appliance or toy. There’s no real evidence that humans have learned their lesson and are being more human, but it’s at least been quiet. I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve a few hours to myself today, or just me and my dog, really.

So… coffee.

And then…

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