Radio Quarantine: russian underground doomer music pt. 4

It’s strange all of a sudden to consider that 2021 is nearly passed by. Last year was novel with the events of the pandemic and the election and so on, and it felt like it crept by, while this one sped by like the express track on the middle track, all clatter and smoke. It hadn’t really occurred to me fully until just these last twenty-four hours, which are also a blur. Wasn’t it only just Monday morning? Tomorrow is, in fact, the First of December.

It will be a shorter work month with the holiday party and the office closing between Christmas and New Year. The time off will be… well, what will it be? Necessary? A respite? From what? It may be a good thing to try to hold onto December and make it last as long as possible. It is just about my favorite month, and that’s nothing to do with Christmas or anything. There are no real plans except to be still. Just being still though, is a treasure. It’s a privilege that one rarely experiences, or even allows one’s self to consider.

I treasure the short days. I bask in the cold, fresh air. The darkness is invigorating. It’s my time.

Yet, there is still plenty to stay busy, and more than just creating busy work, the bustle of 2022 responsibilities is right around the corner. Any work accomplished now will be a godsend for January. It’s all really right upon us already for better or for worse. It’s here.


Good morning.

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