Radio Quarantine: Male Alchemy – you are afraid of me (Nov. 26, 2021)

If you look at the album cover art closely enough there is a brief explanation of the chemistry of fear, and it may or may not have something to do with the music. Let’s presume it was put there for a reason, but the music itself doesn’t seem to evoke anything close to fear. It’s just a kind of sultry, jazzy, vaporwave, vaporjazz thing. There’s even a little bit of lo-fi swing in the cool jazz beats. Okay, so yah, MALE ALCHEMY… I hear you. I got you. All the way from Rio, you’re coming in loud and clear. There’s probably even an explanation somewhere out in the intertoobz of why so many vaporwave releases have Japanese text on the covers, but knowing isn’t really necessary. I’m not running off searching for it right now. It doesn’t really matter. It’s not even 7am. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter.

Explanations are funny things. Everyone wants to explain something. Everyone wants to explain themself. Like it’s this way because or I’m this way because or you’re this way because or even the whole world is this way because. Most of it doesn’t really matter but we all seem to take comfort in having a pat definition of or explanation for every last little thing. We all seem to want all the answers. Big answers. Little answers. Answers and explanations for all kinds of things that don’t matter except that it comforts us to have them. Bragging rights on all the inside stories. Ownership of all the dirt. That sort of shit.

I find myself giving much less of a shit.

What’s funny is that people think you owe them the opportunity to explain themselves for every little thing too. And no, that’s not exactly how it works. Life isn’t all that mysterious. Things are said and done because someone wanted to say them or do them without any mindfulness or consideration aforethought. Not to say there was malice aforethought. Just not a lot of thought at all. If explanations after the fact are necessary then maybe it shouldn’t have been said or done. Like I said, it’s pretty simple.

If I were the sort to make resolutions for a New Year, though I’m not really, it would be to talk less and thereby feel less compelled to explain or even offer context. Maybe that will be a plan for 2022. The resolution may be made. Talk less. What was it Buster Keaton said?

“Silence is of the gods. Only monkeys chatter.”

I’m even listening a lot more to instrumental music. My tolerance for words is depleted. Of course that could change by tomorrow.

Anyway, yes. I’ll talk less.

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