Radio Quarantine: FRONT 242 – MEGAMIX MILLENIAL – DOOF WAGON (2019 YouTube Mix)

No real idea what this is about but someone gussied up this Front 242 set and… well… This is one that I will just say works for me. It’s very soundtrack-y. Again, like previous mixes, there are no dynamics. There is no build up. No bridge. No drop. That’s why I’ll go so far as to say you can dance to this, but it’s not really dance music. It’s not club music and it’s that lack of a drop that I’ll say makes the distinction. The drop is what makes a dance floor explode. This is good though. Make no mistake about that. It fucking works. I’m sure the visuals in the video would work too, kind of an industrial kaleidoscope thing, but I’m not really paying attention. If I wanted to zone out in front of a screen I’d be writing about video, if anything, but probably not even that. This is about the music. This music.

Again, the sound or vibe here is going to fit in with what I perceive as the prevailing zeitgeist of the times: Industrial, mechanical with many people just going through the motions of what would have been seen pre-pandemic as normalcy. Uptight with regular people going through those motions but ready to pop off in rage and/or violence. Low-key but sustained tension and paranoia. Aggression in even casual interactions and verbal exchanges.


But again, if you’ve been raised in an environment where all this is the norm, then it’s comfortable. It’s like coming home. Interesting how that works. My anxiety levels are as low as they’ve been in years. That’s good, but absolutely for the wrong reasons, so not so good.

So… anyway.

Happy Saturday. Enjoy the music. Keep your head low. Dance. Nobody is watching.

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