Radio Quarantine: Gramatik – Coffee Shop Selection (2015)

Moving into a different vibe for this morning, for no other reason than it turned up as a suggestion. I clicked on it based on the cover art, and this is what happened. I’m not even going to bother much with describing what it is. GRAMATIK is just mellow-ish, jazzy, funky, downtempo electronic music. It’s not what you would call easy listening. It’s engaging enough to make a body want to move. It will keep you awake, if awake is where you want to be. I’ve not made that call yet for myself, but I’m awake nonetheless. Happy Tuesday.

It’s a strange week. It’s a weird vibe. I can’t tell you what’s happening in the world beyond New York but my city is in a quiet panic and shutting down in advance of the holiday. A friend who teaches in a high school here said their attendance was down below 20% yesterday. Restaurants and shops are shuttering their doors and windows as staff tests positive for covid and/or calls in sick. Radio City has closed down its Holiday Spectacular and many theaters are following suit with their performances. My company moved back to work-from-home as a couple people tested positive last week. I got two negative results from separate PCR tests in two locations but I can’t lie and say I wasn’t concerned. I’m fairly certain that we’ll all get some variant of Covid-19 at some point but I’d like to minimize impact for myself and those around me. Everyone I know has cancelled plans or had plans cancelled for them.

Quiet panic… It’s quiet for now.

And yet all over the neighborhood here in Kensington someone has been posting flyers and stickers about it all being a government hoax. That’s nonsense of course. It’s not even so much a question that the government might propagate some huge scam as that none of the conspiracy theorists can define what the profit or end game of such a scam may be. There would have to be some benefit. And I do believe that the conspiracy theorists have over-estimated the capability of any government to pull off something so huge. I think in their heart of hearts they would like to believe more in the power of humans in general to effectively control anything on that scale. Like if they could mobilize for nefarious purposes, then some hero/es would be capable of saving the day too. I tend to believe that we are too messy and confused to organize on that level. And probably too selfish and petty to cooperate at that level. But that’s just me.

Quiet panic on both sides. You either believe that this super-flu indicates the beginning of the end times. Or you sneak about believing you are part of L’resistance, an insider to the enlightened rebels battling The Matrix. Nevermind that these conspiracies are exactly what The Matrix would invent to keep its inhabitants occupied and harmless while it went about its business.

I don’t know. I figure my time is nearly up and it seems a waste to spend it battling forces that are way bigger than I am. Or to listen to stupidity. I just need to dance while I can and die. That’s my agenda.

And to stay sober… It’s just a couple days away from a twelve-year anniversary now. It’s quite something actually. I’ve never stuck with anything else that long, except for breathing, eating and shitting, but that kind of comes naturally. More on sobriety at another time though, or not. What’s to be said? It’s served me well.



I’m not panicking, quietly or otherwise. That’s not how things used to be.

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