Radio Quarantine: DJ SICKFUCK – PAINBODY (Dec 3, 2021)

Released on December 3, 2021 and just posted up today on Youtube by Crypto Order, so from Moscow, Russia is DJ SICKFUCK. I’ve listened to a lot of great music in the last couple years but very little has even come close to capturing the generational zeitgeist of the Pandemic Generation than this music. It speaks to the juggernaut energy of fear… fear of mortality… fear of government… fear of each other.

Fear of each other. That’s what it comes down to. I’m not being bleak. I’ve said this before. I’m doing okay because I never expected any more than this. None of this comes as a surprise to me. This onslaught of inhumanity was considered merely science fiction before but in case you need to be told, this isn’t fiction. This is how people behave and to be fair, only some people, but enough to be the rules and not the exceptions.

God bless, or someone bless the exceptions. You are not invisible. I see you. We see each other.

Thank you.

But since art isn’t always pretty, and my favorite art has always been representative art, here is DJ Sickfuck:

What else is there to say about 2021? It hasn’t been a lovely time for a lot of people, but I’m doing okay despite all of it. I have the love of friends and family. I have romance.

I have hope.

I don’t need to summarize all the scary shit. You have the same access to it as I do. See you all on the other side, or most of you.


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