Radio Quarantine: t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 : あなたの愛 (2016)


Here’s an act that’s come up here before. The sound is kind of out there, not entirely present but still there, audible and compelling. These are the Bandcamp tags:

dream fantasy future love phaserwave slushwave vaporsex Atlanta

Now if that doesn’t pique your interest then what will? But how does that translate to my own ears? Slushwave probably hits it the best for me. You may not even quite grasp the term slushwave until you listen, but it’s an apt description.

It’s a good vibe for a mid-February morning when you probably don’t want to leave the house but really have no good reason to dread the day. It’s just a lazy sort of distracted thing where you’re half paying attention but then a groove or a sample draws you back in, so you never drift too far off from the center. You hear a bit and it’s hey, is that what it sounds like? And then it’s gone. It tickles at the memory and flashes up images quickly before you have a chance to capture what it’s from. It’s a dream that you only kind of remember ten minutes after you wake up.

I’d gladly go back to sleep today but there’s no reason not to get up. There’s nothing to be avoiding. The day will pass more quickly than I even want it to, you know? And then that will be one less, and that’s the thought that’s keeping me from turning off the lights and rolling over.

Maybe I should have opted for more upbeat music.

But no, this will do.

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