Radio Quarantine: Restive Plaggona : Restive Plaggona (July 5, 2021)

RESTIVE PLAGGONA… Greece… What’s to say about this? The first thing that struck me was a kind of anxious, nervous vibe, but the adjectives weren’t quite doing it. Then the marketing copy from Bandcamp nailed it.

Fleisch welcomes Restive Plaggona into the fold with eight tracks of rhythmic tension and raw industrial elegance, replete with an atmosphere of the ominous drama that makes this Greek producer’s sound unmistakably his own.

Rhythmic tension is perfect. 100 percent perfect. It’s a kind of slow boil, like the soundtrack for a movie scene building to a climax. It’s hard to say why this particular vibe caught me today but it did. There’s something in the air. Maybe it’s just the return of arctic weather, but that usually soothes me. Winter is my time. But, who knows?

Who knows?

There was some point in the last several months where I read an article about the different sub-genres of Vaporwave, but I can’t remember which this would fall into. It’s harder. It’s more in-your-face. It’s the right sound for today.

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