World War III Radio: Snapped Ankles – Stunning Luxury (2019)

Where would you even begin to explain Snapped Ankles? It probably doesn’t matter. They’re kind of along the vein of Devo, Pere Ubu, and maybe Gang of Four throw in there. Snapped Ankles are different and they’re not going to be for everyone. They work for me but I’ve got a bent for the odd. I’ll take odd any old day.

Saturday morning after a hellacious week. No joke here. No exaggeration. No melodrama. It was a difficult week, for both internal and external reasons. I think I mentioned a few days ago that I’m weary. Nothing has changed with that. Not yet.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nothing is going to change unless I do something differently, but where to start first?

I don’t know. It’s too early. Let’s just stick with the music.

Pushing through.

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