World War III Radio: AP2 – Suspension Of Disbelief (2000)

This ARGYLE PARK offshoot is apparently doing Christian music here, and it’s not so easy to hear, but what if it were? Why not Christian music as we flounder happily in The Apocalypse here in 2022? It shows how prejudiced I can be also because I’d never label this as anything approaching religious in any sense, but that’s my bias. What the hell anyway? It’s just about the tone and the vibe. The world was born out of cataclysm and will probably end the same way, and long before anyone is ready for it to end. This is music born of cataclysm too.

It’s the middle of the week in the middle of the month and I was up in the middle of the night, fretting something or another. It would seem that the chaos out in the world has permeated the walls of my fortress the way the damp comes through basement walls, and then bad things grow in the damp. There was little sleep here in the the psychic black mold…

But I will keep it moving today. I will count my blessings and keep it moving. I will shake off the spiders and the chills and move.

I’ve nothing else to say except that I’m tired. The only thing keeping me going this morning is caffeine and the beat. It’s going to have to be enough.

It will be enough.

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