World War III Radio: Feeling Good Mix – YA NINA, Zubi, Carla Morrison, Emma Peters (2021 Youtube Mix)

Going to keep it chill today. The world can be going straight and fast to Hell but we’re going to keep it cool and steady and easy with this mix. There’s a lot of strange energy bouncing about The Universe and The Universe can have it all. I just need to take care of myself right now. There’s enough bad energy hovering around my little corner of the ether lately and I’m really powerless over anything that other folks are putting out there. I can only take care of my own contributions so it’s really just about keeping it clean on my side. So far so good but it does go against all my worst instincts, and I’ve got plenty of those and I don’t intend to let them take the wheel. They’re right there waiting though so mindfulness is going to have to be the rule. Mindfulness has never been my first instinct. I’m getting better at it but it’s not the first tool I reach for. Nuff said, right?

This mix will help the ride, hopefully. Good vibes. Not all happy vibes but easy enough and none negative. There are a few dance numbers where the lyrics mention pushing back hard, but that’s not necessarily negative. That all just depends on why you’re pushing back and what you’re pushing back with.

Again, mindfulness.

Take care of what you’re putting out into The Universe or it will come back and slap the fuck out of you. You’ve probably got enough people slapping at you too. This isn’t a poor me moment. It’s just a statement of where things are and some pushing back has been required and that means mindfulness, restraint, and a sense of fairness. Don’t go for crippling force. Be kind.

I’m not preaching. I’m just speaking aloud to reinforce the positive voices in my head so they drown out the negative.


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