World War III Radio: Feeling Good Mix – Emma Péters, Carla Morrison, YA NINA, Ash, Zubi feat. Anatu, OMER BALIK (2021 Youtube Mix)

Another chill vibe mix and it’s really nothing to do with feeling so mellow, but just trying to find the right vibe to cut across the static and get a clear signal to travel the day on. To ride straight through the nonsense with my own thing happening. It’s all this is every about. Just trying to ride my own frequency, and this is the right vessel for today. It doesn’t have to make sense to you. It makes perfect sense to me. I hope it helps you as well.

A friend asked me late last night how I’m doing. It was part of a long texting conversation so I ignored it and rolled over and slept. I wasn’t being rude. It’s just how texting goes between old friends. It’s low maintenance and can sprawl across days like that. Not that she didn’t care but no immediate answers are ever expected. I had no immediate answer anyway. It was a question that required some thinking.

How am I doing? Let me think about that a bit. Let’s definitely give that some thought. Overall I’m okay. Life is generally okay. There are some great things happening. There are some not so great things. It could definitely be a lot less stressful, but that’s up to me, isn’t it? That’s something that’s been shared in this space over the last several months. Things have to change and they are significant changes so there is going to be stress involved. They require work and they require patience. Patience with the world and patience with myself.

And there are things I have no power over. They are the most stressful of all, but perhaps… just maybe… I can sidestep that too. More will be revealed.

How am I? I’ve felt that age is catching up with me. That’s frightening.

How am I? I am concerned about finances, not just on the day to day but moving forward.

So yah, this question requires some thought. That’s just a couple of the concerns that I’ve just mentioned. But there are some deliriously wonderful things too, so the balance is tipped in my favor. I’m okay.

I’m okay.

And there’s music.

I’m doing okay, thank you.

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