Beyond surprises…

It’s not just 2022 but the last 24 months have really just confirmed what most of us already knew, even when we weren’t willing to admit it. The term, were it from the recovery community, would be incomprehensible demoralization. What exactly does that mean? It means we’ve sunk to levels of depravity and falsehood so low that we can’t even wrap our fucking heads around it. It all defies any kind of explanation. It’s unreasonably weird. Some of the intellectuals are saying that we’ve been experiencing a crisis of meaning. What that means, to my mind if not theirs, is that we’ve been bullshitting ourselves for so long that now that we’ve been exposed as phonies and we’re shitting our pants because there’s no coming back. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

We may eventually find another big falsehood that the majority can agree upon but for now all this god and country stuff isn’t ringing bells for as many folks as it used to.

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