World War III Radio: Atomtechno [160BPM] Dark/Hardtechno (Jan 2021 Youtube Mix)

The Crocodiles say that it’s never too late to start your day over, so maybe that applies even when it’s near the very end of the day. Can you take a pause in the 23rd hour and reboot for the last few minutes. Or does it make more sense to just wrap it up with an inventory and go to sleep to start fresh the next morning. Problem is, for me anyway, is I can just as easily fall asleep and forget that inventory by morning and wake up just as shitty as the the worst moments of the preceding day. There’s no clear, pat answer maybe. Maybe you just do what works, and sometimes for me that’s an hourly reboot. I’m restarting March 25th at 9:30 pm with an inventory and some techno. Why not? It’ll be time for another inventory before 11. And another shortly after waking up tomorrow to get beyond the shitty thoughts that welled up overnight.

Radioactivity… My radioactive half-life is 40,000 years.

I woke up this way, by the way. Something was off-center right from jump. There were several points during the day where it seemed I’d outrun it, but it was right there in one blind spot or another. Something to look at, because whatever it is that’s ailing me doesn’t seem like it’s going to pass on it’s own. It may have to be surgically removed. Or medicated.

Or irradiated.

We shall see.

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