World War III Radio: Deep Emotions 2022 | Deep House • Nu Disco • Chill House Mix (Mar 26, 2022 YouTube Mix)

I may have chosen this mix more to change a mood than to reflect an existing mood. It hasn’t been a bad mood or even a necessarily bad vibe hanging over me this morning. It’s kind of a pervading sense of uncertainty, but make no mistake. There’s nothing wrong with being uncertain. You don’t have to be sure about anything as long as you’re not convinced that uncertainty means something horrible is just about to happen. Old habits die hard though. Just take care of business and let it go. Nobody can control everything and with all this internet monkey chatter about manifesting what you want to be and being the change you want to see, life doesn’t always work that way. Get used to that. It’s really easy for bad things to happen though. Just sit around and do nothing at all and bad things will find you. That’s something you can be certain of. As long as you’re taking any kind of initiative at all, you can dodge a lot of bullets. It’s harder to hit a moving target. Trust me on this.

These last couple posts sound awfully “woo woo” when I read them back. Maybe it’s the result of too many of these chill dance mixes. I’m easily influenced, but if you see me bouncing about with glow sticks and dancing to Ibiza mixes, just shoot me. I’ll stand still for you. Promise.


So the theme of the day is uncertainty, and apparently there is a sub-plot of forgetfulness. I forgot that I was in the middle of this and scanned Instagram for 30 minutes.


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