World War III Radio: Deep Emotions 2022 | Deep House • Nu Disco • Chill House Mix (March 2, 2022 Mix)

Today’s music selection is brought to you by feelings. Kind of undifferentiated, and mostly unspecified feelings, neither positive nor negative or maybe a blend of both. Probably a blend of both, okay? That’s not so uncommon. You’ve had those mornings, right? I tried on scads of different musical outfits and nothing seemed to work. Too bright. Too drab. Too tight. Wrong Shade. Didn’t match the shoes. You know the story.

I settled on this one because I liked the cover photo. It’s a proper mix of glam and grime. It tells a story with an open ending. It’s a mystery, and the overall tone of the music is somewhat melancholic but the beats are determined. We’re moving through the melancholy. We’re pushing through the shadow and sadness. Keep on pushing.

Keep on pushing.


And me?

I feel like I’m standing here waiting for the next boot to drop, so maybe I shouldn’t just be standing here, ya know? It’s harder to hit a moving target so I should be a moving target.

I don’t know why mornings are so dark. Maybe I should move to a place where the windows face into the sunrise instead of the sunset like this one. Maybe that would change my attitude, but that’s a lot of maybes. Two maybes is two too many. Why leave so much to uncertainty? Well, there’s always going to be a lot of uncertainty and you have to be okay with that, but that may possibly be minimized.

Note to self: find an apartment where the windows face into the sunrise. Then wake up every day and open the curtains into the day. Feng shui?

And then start every day by playing Shiny Happy People by REM.

A tinge of sarcasm and irony in that, and I’m not fond of sarcasm. Sarcasm is usually an expression of passive-aggression, so what’s this I’m doing with this self-directed, sardonic shit? Laughing at myself a bit maybe. I’m serious about the windows facing east though. That might change the course of things and it’s shit sure that something needs to be changed.

Location, location, location!

I was walking adjacent to a couple cops yesterday and one was saying to his partner, “My place is nice and a good location except for the junkies… ”

Good location? I wanted to ask but didn’t really want to talk to cops. Not even small talk. I wonder if his junkie neighbors are telling each other it’s a nice location except for the cops.

Anyway, I need a new place. Too much going on here and I miss the days when I was brand new and didn’t know anyone. Good location except for the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who greet me by name in the morning and smile and tell me to have a nice day.

With that…

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