World War III Radio: Ivan The Tolerable – The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe (2022)

A bit of moody, lofi, psych-jazz from England, released just a couple weeks ago. Not bad guys. Not bad at all. Nice hump day tunes for a fucked up week, and yes, fucked up is an apt description this week. It’s not about my personal mood, at least not this time. It’s just been a weird week so far and we’re all hoping it doesn’t get more strange. Dodging bullets probably isn’t the best choice of words this morning after the mass shooting in Sunset Park yesterday, but I’ve been dodging bullets (figuratively speaking) with Covid-19 for two years, only to finally catch it at what could be an ill-advised social event. What does that even mean anymore? Are we to never have social events with more than a small handful of pre-tested people for the rest of our lives? Will there be no more weddings and funerals or dinner parties or whatnot? Whatever all this means, I got a positive result on an at-home, rapid antigen test last night, and given the number of others who were at the wedding last week who came down with it, I’ll trust the two pink bars. I’m not angry. A bit frustrated perhaps, but not angry. It all seemed inevitable. The symptoms aren’t so bad thus far, so… Just enjoying the music for right this moment.

The symptoms were bad enough to keep me off the trains yesterday, not that it was my train line where some lunatic decided to cut loose and have his shooting spree, but with the rest of the trains shut down it would have been a drag to get home. Not as bad as getting shot or shot at certainly, but what a day for everyone here in New York City! The gunman is still at large also so he could turn up on another train today, or next week, or whenever. Fingers crossed that fate and the police intervene first, and hopefully he’ll be taken alive so we can get some sense of why. Not that the why matters really but shitty ideas are very rarely isolated to a single party so it would be interesting to get a clearer focus on exactly what kind of shitty ideas are circulating out there.

So yes, it’s been an interesting week so far. No exaggeration here. We’ll see what the rest of it has in store. It’s only Wednesday morning.

So yes, Covid-19… or mass shooting… a lot to talk about actually, but it’s hard to say which, if either, should take precedent. Neither? Maybe I should just stick to other topics like the intelligence of mushrooms.It seems so much less troublesome. \

But I was lucky enough not to be on a train with a gun-toting lunatic yesterday, and so far this isn’t the worst ailment I’ve ever had. It’s not lovely by any stretch but perhaps the twin vaccinations and the booster are helping with that. I do have faith in science for the most part, excepting the knowledge that there are areas where we only have a small understanding of bigger pictures. Science and medicine though have been pretty good in my life. No complaints there.

It isn’t the easiest ailment either though. Just far from the worst. I’ve had flus that knocked me out far worse. I’m hoping this is the worst it gets. It’s been pretty consistent for a couple days though with no worsening. My temperature as of yet hasn’t been above 99.1. The sore throat not horrible. The cough relatively easy. All so far… We shall see.

Love the name of this band… Ivan The Tolerable. The English got jokes.

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