Hey, it’s Science!: Fungi Appear to Talk in a Language Similar to Humans

Terence McKenna posited that mushrooms, or fungi, were actually a manifestation of alien intelligence that likely traveled across The Universe to get here… for what purpose? That may never be known, as human science tends toward comparative studies, i.e., the structures that most resemble the human brain are the most likely to be intelligent. I’ve always figured that it’s only a matter of time before we discover evidence that our human-centric model of intelligence an evolution are fantastically incorrect. Our quantum leaps in technology in the last century are evidence enough that we are only at the beginning of our evolution, and if we don’t kill ourselves first through misuse of the technology we have, we may discover something very important about us, as a species. That’s a very big if, judging from how things are going.

So what might this mean: MUSHROOM LANGUAGE?

Hard call, right? We know so much and so little at the same time. I do believe though that if we focus our energies on science that’s not about finding more creative ways to dominate and kill each other, we could answer a lot of very big questions. Are we ready for discoveries that expose how little we know about our own nature? We could find that we are very, very small and insignificant, or we could find that we are infinite and connected to a vast universe, or anything in between. Again though, we are currently bent on dominating both man and nature, rather than connecting to ourselves and nature. That’s going to make it difficult to do anything more than speed up our demise.

I wonder what mushrooms think of us, if in fact they think.

I wonder which of us is in the higher stage of evolution.

But of course I’m probably putting the cart before the horse here.

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