World War III Radio: Foresteppe – No Time To Hurry (2013) 

How would one go about explaining or describing Foresteppe? Well, it’s almost like those last hours before morning, not quite dreaming and not quite awake. It’s a bridge in the mist between those two places. It’s present and not-so-present. So what’s that? Ambient? Sure, I guess. This recording is pretty special though. I’m glad I stumbled upon it. It describes a place I’d rather be this morning. Not that here is bad. I’m just talking about if I were given a preference, this would be really nice. I’d take it.

Covid-19 came slashing back last night, or that’s what I’m assuming it was. The day was relatively okay and it felt like the worst was gone. Then there was a wave that felt like the first couple days. It came out of the blue like a donkey punch and left me dazed. Now twelve hours later and it’s lessened again. Once more, the word of the day is persistent. This is a persistent fucker of a virus. I’m not going to bother testing again until tonight at the earliest. No way I’m going anywhere until the symptoms are gone. So…

It could be worse. There are movies. There are books. And of course there is music and it’s music that’s gotten me through most things in my life. It’s a place where I’ve always been able to turn to find some beauty in the world. Some reason that we’re all here. It’s not all there is, certainly, but it’s what works for me.

I’m not ready to open the curtains yet this morning though. There is comfort here in the semi-dark. That works for me too.

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