World War III Radio: Cancermancer : Product of a Broken Society (2022)

Surely if you want to get right down to it, everything now is a product of a broken society, but dude claimed the title first so there you have it. That’s not to dismiss this album in any way at all. The tunes are fire. The title fits. This isn’t easy listening. It’s not exactly ambient. It’s not the peaceful, spacious vibe of a lot of vaporwave. It’s industrial. It’s kind of post-industrial. The factories are crumbling. The sky is permanently streaked with soot. The city is dying and so are you. This is not easy listening.

But it’s easy to listen to if you’re not looking for conventionally pretty tunes. This person Cancermancer, is new to me. They may be new to everyone as this is the only release on Bandcamp, but who knows? You have the same Google I do. But the name looks like something from the dark world of gaming and Reddit. Look it up if you want more.

Sorry if that sounds snotty. I could go back and re-write it but maybe it’s an accurate reflection of how I feel so I’m not going to. I need to get right with The Universe. It’s a good thing that today is a work-from-home day. That’s going to save me the trouble of making amends tomorrow.

I’ll save some amends time also if I just cut this off here and let the music speak for me.

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