World War III Radio: Jody Harris & Robert Quine – Escape (1981) 

The intertoobz went and did it. They finally dredged up a piece of New York City history that I hadn’t heard before. This has apparently been sitting on Youtube for about two years though and still it’s eluded me until just this morning. I’m less familiar with Jody Harris than with Robert Quine but still… that I’d entirely missed this album for 40 years takes me by surprise. I’d no idea they recorded together, despite that it makes perfect sense that these two would have worked together. It would make less sense if they hadn’t.

No shit though, this isn’t an easy listening. It’s exactly what you might have expected these two to record together but it’s still not easy. It’s kind of an exercise in anxiety, like an all-night cocaine binge in a sketchy neighborhood. It’s uptight like that and it seems to go on a lot longer than the 47 some odd minutes. It turns odd corners and gets really strange and dark in places. It’s definitely a mood. It’s a vibe. They New York City these sounds describe may not exist anymore. It did though at one time and that’s what this album sounds like. Beautiful and kind of mysterious and definitely dangerous. Not everyone gets out. Robert Quine sure didn’t.

I’m off to a somewhat late start this morning. I can’t seem to pull it together and move. Were it not for the dog sitting next to me with her legs crossed I probably wouldn’t be up at all. She needs to go out soon so I have to move. It’s good that there is any motivation at all. It’s a weird headspace. Maybe the Covid hasn’t worked it’s way entirely through my system but I’m tired. It’s a strange up all night kind of tired, though there was no up all night. There was plenty of sleep. I went to sleep feeling good and it’s not that I don’t feel good now. I just feel like I was up all night.


Sitting here putting off the day won’t change a fucking thing though, so…



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