World War III Radio: Beat Therapy 34 – A Trip Hop Mix (April 19, 2022 Youtube)

Trip Hop… it wouldn’t have occurred to me even a few years ago that I’d give up on my stubborn ignorance of various electronic musical genres, but whatever. Live, learn and maybe even grow. It can happen if you let it. If they can put the term in Encyclopedia Brittanica then I can bend every now and again and acknowledge it. Why not? Why the fuck not?

Working toward the end of the week. Kind of in a groove. In a funk. Or maybe feeling kind of funky in the morning is just part of the pattern. Fog generally lifts as the sun gets higher so why write off the day upon awakening. Things may be more clear in an hour, right? Move through it. Move with caution but move through it.

Nothing new to add to the news of the week. The world continues to be what the world continues to be. Pretty much fucked. It’s all so much bigger than I am that it’s difficult to even get too upset. If I woke up tomorrow and it was all sorted I wouldn’t even believe it, so just roll with it.

Roll with it.

I may have more to say later in the day. I’m having difficulty translating feelings to words and all there really is this morning is feelings. Some good. Some bad. Some somewhere between but this is sort of cruise control. I’ll keep my one good eye on the highway and just roll forward.


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