World War III Radio: Modern Antiquity III [Dub Techno mix] (Mar 24, 2022 Mix)

No clue what Modern Antiquity would mean, even with the Dub Techno label, but the photo was compelling, and then the mix turned out to be as well. Sometimes it’s all about a hunch. Just a hunch. An inkling. Can you tell from a photo or cover art? Not always, but it offers hints. A good eye often signifies a good ear. That was the case with this one, and it came at a good time. The world is feeling a bit wonky this morning and it needed a soundtrack that would cut across the pervasive sense of the creeps.


  • 1. Contium – Pachamama
  • 2. Hydergine – Grid
  • 3. Luigi Tozzi – Sospensione
  • 4. Retouched – Summer Dub
  • 5. Ajnkana – Best Before End
  • 6. Roberto Figus – Yellow Dub
  • 7. Volunteer – Illusory II
  • 8. Quantec – Nabu 9
  • . Rubik – Berlin Stabs
  • 10. Xerography – Profit Motive
  • 11. Textural Being – The Sixth Gap (Ohrwert reduction)
  • 12. Francisco Aguado – Mattter
  • 13. Unknown Artist – Untitled U
  • 14. Retouched – Spring Dub
  • 15. Volunteer – Illusory I

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a happenin’!

Well, a rare Supreme Court leak a couple nights ago revealed that they are about to overturn Roe vs. Wade which would put decisions on reproductive rights back to the state level, which is a pretty bad thing for about 24 of 50 states and potentially more. Abortion has been a third rail issue forever now and it’s heated up in recent years. I don’t need to use this space to argue the topic. I don’t intend to. I will say this though: This argument has never been about abortion. It’s not about protecting unborn children. Nobody will ever convince me that the party that doesn’t give a fuck about born children and in fact murders and abuses them regularly actually cares about any children. This is about who gets to decide. These cases are specifically about curtailing the freedoms of women. It’s about allowing women autonomy and it’s very thinly disguised as being about protecting children. There is no evidence in any other legislation that these same crusaders care about children. There is ample evidence that they support a hierarchy where some children matter, other are a liability, and they make the decisions about who gets to live. End of story.

Oh, that, and these clumps of cells in question are not children. Stop it. Just stop it.

Good morning, Dystopia.

I look at these horrorshow politicians and all I see is withered, desperate eunuch priests in pointy hats.

It’s just another story in this particular lifestyle that makes no sense at all. They are fighting desperately to protect a system that never really worked and was exposed as false centuries ago. Let the old ways die and let people live. The simulation has become exhausting. If there were a movie this bad you would walk out of the theater and never go see another. It’s terrible. The story makes no sense. There is no viable plot. The direction is bad. The acting is worse.

It’s a fucking abortion.

Anyway. This whole scene gets more unusual and unpleasant by the day.

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