World War III Radio: Lance’s Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 294(Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electronica / Chill Out)

This one is a bit darker than his usual Dark Mood mixes. It’s got a kind of old horror/sci-fi movie vibe. It’s cool though and very steady and easy. It’s a good one for a rainy Sunday morning. It’s just past 7am and the only sound outside is the steady hiss of tires on wet pavement. It’s that sort of rolling surf sound with an industrial edge. Welcome to World War III. Welcome to Dystopia. First-timers can grab a free map and a schedule of activities.

Closest I’m coming to looking at the news today is checking the weather for Chicago for this coming week. I’m flying out of here on Tuesday morning and despite all, looking forward to a change of scenery for a few days. I’ve got a hotel room with a view of Lake Michigan and the shoreline of the city. The work days will be long, but whatever. All I want is a few days with a view of open sky. That thrills me more than anything that might be below it. Just open sky. Nothing obstructing the view. Nothing on the horizon but more sky. It’s been a while. It’s been a long while.

Time to get ready seems shorter than it actually is. There isn’t really a lot to do, but nerves tell me otherwise. Nerves tell me there is a long list and that the time to get it done is so very limited. Nerves tell me a lot of things and they’re rarely true. It’s that knowledge that holds off the full-on jitters and skitters. It doesn’t take all that long to decide which shoes to bring for a short trip. It’s not that big a fucking deal, you know? The brain can be a funny place. All kinds of false messages afoot. Hell, sometimes the worst counsel you can take is your own.

Just roll easy, MacGregor. It’s not that difficult. It’s not a question of putting your mind to it. It’s all about taking your mind out of it.

Roll easy. Just roll easy.

Track Listing:

  • 1. Ogi feel the Beat – Slow Road
  • 2. Deezz – Message from Neptune – 3:24
  • 3. almogfx – slomana – 7:10
  • 4. Carbon Based Lifeforms – 780 Days – 10:49
  • 5. ChumZilla – So Cold(Without You) – 16:55
  • 6. Beamic – Night Lights – 20:29
  • 7. illuZionBeats – Whats Next – 23:33
  • 8. Gabriel Le Mar – Travellight – 26:59
  • 9. Desert Dwellers – To Be the Air(Forever & Ever Remix) – 34:52
  • 10. jives – Tsushima – 41:40
  • 11. Amir Telem – 108 Prayers – 45:44
  • 12. Tale of Us – North Star – 53:21
  • 13. Animal Print(Feat. FLU) – Change(Glowal Remix) – 1:01:06
  • 14. Slak bee – Oh Lord(Feat. Alida Soul Mama) – 1:07:55

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