World War III Radio: Decoded Feedback – EVOlution (1999)

Decoded Feedback isn’t really what I wanted to hear this morning but it feels right, considering everything dominating the news cycle. Not that there’s been a quiet news cycle now for as long as I can remember, but some are definitely more strange and fucked up than others. Then you add the horror of a gunman murdering 19 elementary school students and their teachers, and where do you go with that, Back to bed? Church? I don’t know. My head is banging this morning. The temptation to stay home and pull the covers over my head is strong. Yet.. how long do I stay there? Things are bound to get less bizarre and horrible any time soon.

I can’t put that on Decoded Feedback though. They’re just soundtracking all this insanity. They’re kind of innocent bystanders in my morning show. Not that anyone is going to listen to this and think “innocent.” Not by a long shot. I don’t know that I’d call them a standout in this aggrotech, industrial, EBM, sound either. A lot of it sounds awfully similar to me. Yet the vibe itself stands out and whatever these guys are doing, they’re doing it well. And they’re going for a sound that is very far from innocent. It reflects a society that’s long since gone around the bend.

That’s where we are. There’s not a lot of peace and harmony out there. This is fucking chaos. Not saying there aren’t a lot of loving people. You’re going to find those people if you look for them. They exist sometimes not just in spite of the chaos but as a reaction to it. I wouldn’t say I’m quite there yet but I see them. I definitely see them. Some days they come into focus more than on other days. That’s more a reflection of where my head is at though than how hard they are trying.

Tangentially, I realized this morning looking at a photo that the Uvalde, Texas gunman posted on his social media. It was of two assault rifles he bought on his 18th birthday. At least one of them was most likely the weapon that killed a lot of those babies. Now it’s not a new phenomenon for me but I realized that I have the same reaction looking at assault weapons that I do when I look at photos of poisonous snakes. The hair on the back of my neck goes up. How, given the history, does everyone not have the same reaction?

Anyway… I need to keep it moving this morning. It’s been difficult enough to get this far. If i am not up and moving I will go into hiding. It’s not time for that. I’m tired though. I am so tired.


Now, up!

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