World War III Radio: modest by default – PORTRAIT OF A CORRUPTED SOUL (March 2022)

Some vaporwave to wrap up the last morning of Summer Vacation 2022, the Staycation… the Not Going Awaycation. the That’s Okaycation, and I am okay. It’s been mostly relaxing so why not just ease into this last morning slowly, with Modest By Default?

Chill music for a chaotic world, and it is chaotic. It’s been a hell of a week. While I was unwinding the world was coming apart quickly. The Supreme Court, a cadre of mostly right-wing extremist judges, attacked reproductive rights, 1st Amendment rights, 5th Amendment rights, 14 Amendment rights and the separation of Church and State written into the Constitution. They’ve said they’re going after gay marriage and anti-segregation laws next. Yes, they have come out and said this. It’s not a joke. It’s not a hoax. Shit if very real, but this is exactly what they said they would do. These are the only things they have never lied about. We knew and didn’t fight hard enough to stop them. We were too busy with… something. Now?

Well, we’ll see.

I was on vacation though, so…

I’m tired of raging. It was never sustainable but I’ve less energy than ever for justified anger. It was killing me by degrees. Call me when we are about to sacrifice it all, and I’m in for the last stand. Until then, I’m not running around angry. We always knew what was at stake if we didn’t wrestle power from their hands. There was never a point where we could have stopped them just at the polls, or by rhyming slogans in the street. There was never a point when it wasn’t going to be a real streetfight. Time has come today…

No more sitting around talking about celebrity divorces and watching TikTok dances.

I don’t know. I’m a very simple man. I am. My emotions are complicated as fuck but I’m a simple man. And I have a good grasp of history. We never got anything good that people didn’t bleed for. That people didn’t die for.


But there was time to think this week, and to slow my own life down some. There was music this week. There was spoken word. There was visual art. There was a day of soaking in hot pools and sweating out toxins in saunas. I suppose you could call it detoxification. I’ll be headed back into the routine tomorrow but there was a week of necessary detox.

Back to the struggle tomorrow.


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