World War III Radio:TöT – Kalte Sierviren 

Feeling “some kinda way” and though that’s hard to describe in words, it sort of sounds just like this. It sounds like TöT and you can decide for yourself what that says, and what it says about me. Write off the emotions to the weather, if you will. Or the state of the world, or just the state of the state. It doesn’t matter. It’s got a soundtrack, and today that soundtrack sounds like this.

“Some kinda way.”

Some kinda way in Marseille, because that’s where this trio is from… There’s a lot in it. EBM, industrial, North African drone vocals. It’s an interesting mix, and interestingly enough, it doesn’t sound 22 years old. It’s pretty fresh. Well done, lads. You’ve created something that for now, at least for now, stands outside of time and place.

Well done.

I’m still feeling crabby as fuck, and distracted beyond focus. Something is going on. Let’s blame the heat for now but not commit to the focus of the blame. It could be many things but let’s put it all on the weather for the moment. Let’s put it all on global warming.

Fair enough.

Let’s move.

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