World War III Radio: NU URBAN JAZZ – 2 Hours of Trip Hop, Electronica, Breaks Jazz House vol 3 (Nov. 24, 2021)

Because you have to have some easy days now and then…

You have to!

They can’t all be dark and scary, you know? Every so often you have to feed the other wolf or it withers and goes. I hate that wolf parable, by the way. Which one wins? The one that you feed. The fact is, you have to feed both. You need them both. Why else would they be there? You need both. Nurture them both. They’re not fighting. They work together. Don’t be afraid. Just keep your shit balanced.


So yah, you have to have some easy days. I’m starting this one easy. I have no idea what I might run into that may derail the freedom train. The whole day may not be cool and steady and easy, but I can control that for now, so I choose easy.

I don’t have a whole shit ton to say this morning. I feel like I should be up and moving and not navel-gazing.

Up and moving.

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