World War III Radio: [industrial, dub] – illrecs mix by bochensky (Nov. 2021)

Supposed to be the hottest, but the last, day of this diabolical heatwave. There has been a record number of days over 90 so far, and why am I still talking about the weather? It’s because to ignore it would be like ignoring a home invasion. There’s a huge thug tearing your shit up and knocking you around and you don’t talk about it? Nah, that’s not how it works, is it? But it’s supposed to be better by tomorrow so we shall see.

We shall see.

And why oh why am I talking about it? It’s because being nice is rarely my first instinct and when I’m really uncomfortable being nice becomes kind of a chore. Feeling horrible makes me want to act horribly and say horrible things. I’m taking a lot of deep breaths and counting to ten and saying the serenity prayer all damn day.

All damn day.

But I’ve got another cool mix.

And it’s not like there’s nothing to be cheerful about. The FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago trap house yesterday, looking for classified documents and whatnot. All the shit that he was told not to take when he cleared out, and maybe other things. This stuff couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Of course the MAGA idiots are railing on about Leftist tyranny and oppressive regimes and the other garbage they carry on about. I can only hope that they’re as upset about it as they’re acting. That their horror and fear are real. That’s not a nice way of me to think but they’re not nice people. I do pray that they’re terrified. I hope they are losing sleep. I am hoping this isn’t more of their hysterical theater and that they are scared. I’m sick of bullshit and I’m sick of their bullshit in particular. There is something about painfully stupid people pretending to be smart that really irks me more than just about anything. Their bullshit has made me weary. It’s time for them to go. And since there really isn’t any place for them to go nor any place that would take them, I’ll settle for them being really uncomfortable here.

Because I am really fucking short of compassion… I’ve run out. That happened long before this heat wave also, so…

Burn baby burn!

Anyway… I’m feeling this mix today. The curator or this Audio Basement Youtube channel is my hero this week. And whoever this Bochensky guy is, let’s just say it takes a lot to keep my attention and this is the third Bochensky mix in a row for me. This could be the best yet, or maybe it’s just hitting a certain way because of everything else going on. Either way it’s ahead of its time and it’s working.


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