World War III Radio: Atmospheric Techno Mix | Dub Techno | Deep Techno | Experimental Techno | IDM | Minimal | Ambient (Youtube Mix August 17, 2022)

I should do more to include information about the artwork on many of these items I post up. This is a photo I’ve seen so many times in so many different contexts, but: Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina. World War II memorial sculpture by Dušan Džamonja, located in Croatia.

It’s an arresting image, definitely one of those “visions of future passed.” Cue the diatribe on hauntology, but why should I not be obsessed with these themes? I’ve lived just long enough to have the future presented to me in countless ways, and just long enough to have seen none of these dreams actually come to pass. I believed very much in a couple of them. In others, not so much, but in just a couple… Then? No, we found, they were not to be, despite that artifacts remain littered across our landscape, like this big boy in the image above.

And in the music. This could have been our future. It may be yet, but that remains to be seen.

The future remains unwritten, as Joe Strummer said. There is evidence though, Joe, and be glad you’re not here to witness it, that it’s not going to be pretty. We’ve a long road of hatred and fear to plow through if a future is to happen at all. And it may not. That’s the real story. Of course, there will be some kind of future. It’s just hard to say what it will look like and if it will include us, because at this rate there’s a very good chance that it will not. Then we’ll be left with all our monoliths. All our Towers of Babel. All the skeletal remains of our vanity. But there is no guarantee at all if we, or any of our descendants, will be about to witness it.

Yes, the possibilities are that bleak.


But odds are The Apocalypse is not coming today. It could, but it’s not likely. That means that we all have to get up and go to our jobs.


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