World War III Radio: toxicity [illbient, dub, drum n bass] – mix by bochensky (Youtube August 16, 2022)

Here’s a mix fresh out of the box, just posted up last night on Youtube. It came down my pipeline about 10 minutes after going up so mine was about number 50 on the listens. It’s interesting also, that if you want to get a handle on the ILLBIENT tag, just listen. It’s better than any of the written definitions out there on the web. Just listen. I mean, the written definitions do apply. It’s atmospheric and ambient, and it’s ill. This mix in particular is also kind of sick. There’s an uneasy, almost queasy vibe. It’s not exactly happy music. It is, at moments, unsettling. It’s what the word toxicity might sound like were it defined by music.

So, happy Wednesday, folks. Happy Hump Day. Sure it’s till the morning, not even 6 am so we’re not exactly over the hump, but waking up is half the battle and that’s done. That can be the hardest part. After that it’s all just acceptance. It’s a kind of surrender, like, hey this is it. We’re here so let’s just keep moving. This is bigger than us. Just accept it. Just do it. Surrender to the current and it will be a lot easier. Stop fighting.

Stop fighting.

Surrender comes easier some days than others and I’m not going to say that this week, or even last week, came all that easy, but when you consider that there are no alternatives…

No alternatives.



Time to get ill.

What’s the time? It’s time to get ill. From The Beastie Boys about forty years ago. Consider that. I’ve only got two co-workers over forty. That’s another story though. Another story entirely.

Okay, time to get moving.

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