World War III Radio: Bad Sector – Cephus (2015)

All voices sampled from numbers (radio) stations of secret services of various countries.

Wait, what?


There is no apt description for what this is. Listen and enjoy, or not. It’s just sort of a dark ambient, experimental, moody mix. It does sound more or less like random signal captures, with music overlaid. I never know if music like this is composed, or just made up as it goes. Happy accidents, as TV painter celeb Bob Ross might say. No mistakes. Just happy accidents.

I understand accidents, happy and otherwise. Then again, sometimes if you are acting a certain way, accidents are bound to happen. Is that a real accident? I mean, if you can expect the unexpected, is it still a mistake? Anyway, that’s how I feel about experimental music sometimes. Like someone is just fucking around and happens upon a rhythm or a vibe. I could be wrong.

Happy accidents… I keep going back to what The Crocodiles suggested when they asked that I list five of the best things and five of the worst things that ever happened to me.

Okay now, those worst things: were they a direct result of an action you took? And the best things? Did you plan them? Or were they just things that you just stumbled upon, having nothing to do with any action or scheme on your part?

Okay, I get it.

I get it.

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