World War III Radio: Portable Rock – Beginnings (1990)

A strange Sovietwave synth vibe from Japan. The time frame, 1990 is about right too so it wasn’t just happening in the soon to collapse Soviet Union. It could have easily been described back then as Future Wave. I’m sure they thought this was the sum total of the future of pop, and that this was representative of a new age.

Still a kind of far off feel though, and melancholic. What do the words mean? Is this about lost love? Lost youth? Lost innocence? All of the above? None of it?

No clue here. It could be the happiest or saddest music in the world but sometimes language is context so it’s impossible to tell.

Coming off a long night of little sleep it feels just right. It’s just a little bit removed from present and kind of lonely. That’s how I feel this morning. Kind of lonely and forlorn. I could point at any number of things as the cause of these feels. Maybe things going on at work that I can’t wrap my head around. Maybe missing my lover/partner and what do you call these significant others when you’re over a certain age? My girlfriend? Hell, I don’t know. Sometimes language is inadequate, or my vocabulary is inadequate or something.

It was a long mostly sleepless night though. It was a low-key anxious feel with no specific nagging thoughts. Just nerves. Jitters. Like craving something. Like a nicotine jones. Something like that. The stretch between three and five was getting painful, even without fighting it. Don’t fight sleeplessness. It just makes it worse.

Anyway, this is my soundtrack for this case of the feels

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