World War III Radio: WORLD GOTH DAY 2022: The Evolution of Goth Music. From Post-Punk to Goth Wave (1983-2022)

Did I know that May 22nd was named World Goth Day back in 2009? If I never knew, or if I’m forgotten, then I’m disappointed in myself. I’ve missed the opportunity for more than a dozen years of shade and cruel memes. Too damn bad for me. Oh well. You just get what you get in life and a person can’t expect himself to remember everything, let alone know everything.

But I jest, sort of… I would have had some fun with it yearly, but music is music and these jams aren’t limited to the black-eyeliner set. It’s just pop music, at the end of the day, no pun intended. It’s music for the end of the day and deep into the night. Definitely a mood. A vibe. A certain aesthetic, and fairly this aesthetic began to captivate me more and more as the shitty pandemic wore on. It started somewhere early in lockdown (though I’ve always liked it) and the fascination grew with the weirdness of lockdown wearing on and we dipped deeper into the dystopian mentality of the actual reality. Politics grew more strange. The police stepped up their goosesteps and started racking up more bodies. Shit just got weirder than before. It required a new soundtrack on a daily basis and the old Cold Wave, Dark Wave and Goth became increasingly appropriate. It’s been a ride.

Now with September more than half gone and the first day of fall tomorrow, it suits things even more. The shorter days are here. The chill is coming. I’m ready, oh god, I’m ready.

I’m ready.

This mix is welcome today.

0:00 Lords of the New Church – Dance with me 3:23 Gene Loves Jezabel -Desire 7:41 Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle 11:48 Girls Under Glas – The Heat in my Heart 16:39 In My Rosary – Room No.6 18:57 IKON – Subversion 23:53 VNV Nation -Legion 29:04 Diva Destruction – Heathcliff 33:56 Velvet Acid Christ – Parasite 38:12 IAMX -The Negative Sex 41:21 Din [A] Tod – Living Dead 45:54 Velvet Condom – Collapse in Slow Motion 49:55 Detachments -H.A.L. 53:09 Cold Cave – Underworld USA 58:09 Ulterior – Body Hammer 1:03:04 Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance 1:06:57 Keluar – Virteum 1:11:00 Drab Majesty – Entrance and Exits 1:15:07 She Past Away – Katarsis 1:18:20 Then Comes Silence – Strange Kicks 1:21:57 Holygram – A Faction 1:26:33 T.G.T.B. – Reminisce 1:32:25 The Serfs – The Willows 1:35:12 Tempers – Carried Away

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