World War III Radio: Maurice Winnick And His Sweet Music Slowed & Reverbed To Relax Too (Sep 11, 2022)

Funny thing about this music is that it was probably recorded originally in World War II. How did it make it here? Someone took it and slowed it down and buried it in reverb and it created a vibe. It created a mood. It created a specific sensation that is part future and past all at once. It’s what you might hear if you could capture a random signal that had ricocheted across time and space. Or a memory from a past life. Why is it that it seems so familiar? Could it be from a past life, exhumed and dragged to the present?

I suppose it could. I rule nothing out.

A better way of saying that I rule nothing out might be to say that I don’t have many answers, and that as time goes on the things I was most certain of become the least certain. Who really knows why a man believes some things and doesn’t believe others? How do so many random matters and areas of indelible ignorance become these “facts” that we call identity? Do we have to believe something, any one thing or another, to be something? That’s what separates us from the apes is what some might say, but it could very well be that apes are more genuinely something than we are. We tend to be a lot of things that are really rather random and often ludicrous when it comes down to it. We, as humans, have a lot of stupid ideas of what makes us special. And furthermore that our valuing something makes it special, when the rest of The Universe doesn’t actually give a fuck. And just to be clear, The Universe rarely, if ever, gives a fuck. That’s just the way it goes. Trust me on that.

Or not.

This is a special recording though. That I know. I know that this pleases me.

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